Like Natural? You NEED to Try This, Seriously!!!

So I know if you’re a reader of my blog that you’re health conscious and are a fan of things that are organic and natural. However, It is SO incredibly hard at times to find products that actually work and hold up to their “natural” marketing claims. What prompted me to take a deep look at all my beauty products recently is that I was diagnosed with a sunflower seed oil allergy. Yep, you heard that right SUNFLOWER seed! Little did I know that the products i’d been using everyday were causing me to get little itchy bumps all over my skin; no skin surface was exempt! These bumps are what prompted me to see an allergist in the first place which lead me to that surprising diagnosis. Anywho, to make a long story short nearly every product I owned contained sunflower seed oil aka Helianthus annuus. Let me tell ya, my mom made out on this allergy ordeal, she proudly inherited a boatload of skin, beauty and hair products….now I hope to heck she’s not allergic!

So there I was sans all my favorite products 😦 Needless to say during this whole process and after reading all the labels on my “natural” products quite intensely, I came to the realization that most of them weren’t “natural” after all and they actually contained quite a bit of ingredients you’d need a chemistry degree to decipher. After some perusing the internet I came across Shea Terra and my love affair began. I promise you I will make this love letter short and sweet 🙂

This company makes amazing and effective 99.7-100% ALL NATURAL products they also provide much needed jobs to communities in areas where their ingredients are sourced (such as Africa). The company also provides interest free loans to women living in those marginalized areas. So not only are you getting an amazing smelling, all natural, wonderfully effective products you’re also inadvertently supporting those in need! Win win!

A small portion of what SheaTerra has to offer.

A small portion of what SheaTerra has to offer.

My favorite product is the Shea Butter Extreme Body Cream. It is incredibly versatile and not your average body cream. SheaTerra offers many choices in scents such as mango, pineapple, white chocolate, guava pomegranate just to name a few. All these scents are natural too, no fragrance, just pure simple natural scent. I use this product mostly for my cracked dry hands in the winter months. One application before bedtime and I wake up with soft nearly crack free hands!! My husband even used it once and commented on how awesome his hands felt. Secondly,  I love baths and I take about a tablespoon of this body cream and lightly rub it on my hands then put my hands beneath the stream of water thats filling to tub to add scent and moisture to my baths (it also creates a little bubble bath effect). This would be perfect to add to your little ones bath time regimen as childrens skin lacks an effective moisture barrier until about 5-6 years of age 🙂 A third way to use this body cream is to use it as a hair masque. Just take a scoopful and smooth it through your hair prior to shampooing, then shampoo as normal. Your hair will be shiny and soft due to the massive amount of shea butter in the product. I can’t express enough how incredibly fond I am of SheaTerras products and mission, Im pretty certain these are the only body care products i’ll ever be buying. Please SheaTerra, never go out of business, I love you!

Ok, now seriously ladies (and gentlemen too) check them out for yourself.

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