Drab Bathroom? Spruce It Up!

The bathroom is my least favorite room in our house.  Its old, small and generally blah. However, it’s visited often and is the one room in the house that you can be sure guests will visit, so of course you want it to look nice. So what can you do aside from a full remodel to spruce things up and make it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing? Heres what I did…..

1. Add a punch of color and pattern! It visually draws interest and focuses attention away from the rooms less than desirable features.

image 2

This is my funky little shower curtain.

2. Add an interesting plant. Plants do a wonderful job of purifying the air and in addition usually do really well in bathrooms because of the amount of humidity they get everyday.  I have a Fittonia plant otherwise known as “the nerve plant” due to its leaves that resemble the human bodies network of branching nerves.  Considering I’m in the medical field, this plant is perfectly appropriate 🙂 In addition, it is a humidity and water hog and thrives in the bathroom environment with indirect light.

photo 2

My little Fittonia happily thriving on the bathroom countertop.


Close up of the “nerves”.  How cool are these leaves?!

3. Add something unique. It can be a picture you took yourself of something you love. An interesting book. A relic you’ve picked up on a trip, or just something fun like this q-tip holder I picked up on a recent trip to Philadelphia.


I crack up every time I look at this hedgehog. I think it’s so adorably cute!

4. If all else fails…..you can always add a cat! Hahaha, just kidding. I had to add that because my cat Feliks is looking ridiculously handsome in this picture and I needed a good excuse to post it 🙂

photo 3

Our Siberian cat Feliks. Isn’t he handsome?

Thats all for today! Happy sprucing up 🙂

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